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Magnus received her MFA from Chelsea College of Art in London, her diploma degree from Bergen Art School, and has a Candidata Magisteri degree from the University of Bergen. Magnus lived and worked in London for several years, during which she had a residency at the Florence Trust and was part of the artist run studio community in Orpheus street. She has exhibited in Norway, Denmark, Polen, Sweden and England, and has been presented at the London Art Fair, Kunsthal Charlottenborg in Copenhagen and as part of the Kochi-Muziris Biennale 2014 collateral program in India. 


Magnus has also worked as a set designer and costume designer for theatre, film and television productions in Norway and USA.

Bo Magnus is born and lives in Bergen, 

her studio is at CS55 kunstnerverksteder


The material itself is the focal point for both the concept and the expression in Bo Magnus's work. The technique stands out with a complexity of manuscript actions in an antagonistic relation to the natural tendencies of the material. In her paintings she uses; plastics, readymades, canvas and colors with industrial-produced effects. The pictures are painted layer by layer, the transparency between them gives insight and in the insight there are frictions. The underlying metaphors in Bo Magnus's paintings are concerned with; an insistent renegotiation of hereditary structures, feminism, languages, mercantile and political systems.





+47 90973955



•  2008-2009 Master of Fine Arts, Chelsea College of Arts, London

•  2003-2007 Vossaskulen for Visual Art

•  1995-1997 Kunstskolen i Bergen, KiB, 2 year Diploma (foundation)
•  1991-1992 Regent University, USA, Cours in Art direction

•  1981-1984 University in Bergen, Cand.mag.


•  2020 ‘Old Tree’ Hordaland Kunstsenter,Bercgen, curator Mathijs van Geest

•  2019 Group Exhibition, Kunstgarasjen, Bergen

•  2019 ‘Layers’, PrøveRommst/BIT Teatergarasjen,The Botanic Garden of Milde,

•  2019 Summer Exhibition,  KD galleri, Bergen

•  2019 B-open, Bergen

•  2018 B-open, Bergen

•  2017 Group Exhibition, Kunstgarasjen, Bergen

•  2016 ’den andre siden’ solo show, Galleri Christinegaard, Bergen

•  2015 The Curators choice, VISP, Galleri Neptun, Bergen
•  2015 BC Gallery.Kochi-Muziris Biennale 2014 Collateral Program, India
            with Hema Upadhyay and InEpic. Curated by Malin Barth

•  2014 GALLERIA XX1, Warszawa, Polen, Curator:  Eulalia Domanowska

•  2014 The Spring Exhibition 2014, Kunsthal Charlottenborg Slott, Copenhagen, Denmark
•  2014 ’tiden KOMMER’ Projectspace, SC55, Bergen
•  2013 ’in which the smallest gesture becomes epic’ 
Gallery Nils Bergslien,Eidfjord
•  2013 In which the smallest gesture becomes epic´ Voss 
Kunstlag, Voss Kulturhus

            m/Klara Lidén, Nina Grieg and Gitte Sætre. Curator: Sayoko Nakahara 

•  2012 B-open, Bergen
•  2011 artWorks Open, Arts Group Trust Barbican, 
•  2011 London Art Fair, London,UK 

•  2010 FT10 Summer Show, London  

•  2010 Nordic Portrait Exhibition, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Island
•  2009 ’ARCHEOLOGY of Subject/Object’ 
Vyner Street Gallery, London  

•  2009 Recent Graduates Exhibition, The Affordable ArtFair, London  

•  2009 MASTER SHOW Chelsea College of Arts, London 

•  2009 Nordic Portrait Exhibition, Fredriksborg Slott, DK
•  2009 ’XHIBIT09’ The Arts Gallery, London

•  2009 ’artWorks Open’ Arts Group Trust Barbican, London

•  2009 MA Fine Art Interim Show, Trianglespace, Chelsea College of Arts, London

•  2009 ’Conndensation 2009’ Bodhi Gallery, London
•  2009 ’Collision’ gallery77, London
•  2008 ’400meterkunst’,Voss
•  2008 Høstutstillingen, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo
•  2008 Høstutstillingen, Stavanger Kunstforening
•  2008    Drawing Biennials, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo 

•  2007 'FILTER’ solo show, Kunst i Badet, Bergen 




•  2014 OCA (Office for Contemporary Art Norway) Poland and India, travel support
•  2014 Norwegian Artists Associatons Project support (India)
•  2014 Bergen Council, Internasjonal art- and cultural exchange 

            support (India)
•  2014 Insert in paper, supported by Eidfjord Council and 

            Hardanger Folkeblad

•  2014 Norwegian Governments grant (diversestipendet)
•  2014 Exhibition support from Hordaland Fylkeskommune, 

            Voss Kommune, Voss Aurland Vik Næringsråd and Voss Sparebank
•  2014 Fritt Ord, production of the catalogue 'in which the smallest 

            gesture becomes epic'
•  2014 Bergen Council International art and culture exchange support,

           'Tea-party' at B-Open, Bergen

•  2011'Hunting the Shadow’ support from Hordaland fylkeskommune

•  2011 Norwegian Artists Associatonsgrant (vederlagsfond)
•  2010 Norwegian Governments grant (diversestipendet)
•  2009

  -2010 Selected Artist for The Florence Trust Program, FT10
•  2009 Funding for professional visual artists, Bergen Council



•  2015 The International Difference, Stiftelsen 3,14. Catalog.

•  2015 Kunstnerlig kvinnekamp i India av Mette Paust-Andersen, Mening Kunstforum 28.01.215

•  2015 Book cover of the poetic collection ‘thintharoo’ by Kuzhur Wilson

•  2013 ' Femininity expanded' by Nina Sundbeck-Arnäs
•  2013 ' Where the female gesture arouses contemporary art' 
by Sayoko Nakahara
•  2013 Insert in Hardanger Folkeblad, (8s.) edition 8000           

•  2013 Exhibition Catalog ’in which the smallest gesture becomes epic’

•  2000 En by i verden (Kulturbyen Bergen 2000)

•  2001 Allmenningen 2000, (Culture city Bergen 2000)



•  Curator for Bergen Kulturskole, Spring Exhibition 2016

•  Curator for Bergen Kulturskole, Spring Exhibition 2015

•  Teacher at Culture School of Bergen, visual art (2012-2015) 

•  Art direction film, theater and TV (USA, Norge 1990-1995) 
•  Project leader, Barnas Hus, Bergen (1998-2000) 
•  Teacher at The Culture School of Fana, Bergen (1997-2001) 

•  Teacher of Art & Craft, Bergen Council (1994-2008)


Bergen Katedralskole, Hordaland Council for Region 2018

Voss vidaregåande skule, Hordaland Council for Region 2018
Fyllingsdalen Sykehjem, Bergen Council 2012
Blokkhaugen Skole, Bergen Council 2008




The Association of Norwegian Visual Artists (NBK)

The Association of Hordaland Visual Artists (BKF)
The Norwegian Drawing Association, TF 

The Norwegian Painter Association, LNM,

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